Buying Premium vs Budget Tyres

When you are purchasing new tyres for your vehicle, there is an overwhelming choice available from cheap Budget tyres right up to the high end expensive Premium tyres. You need to make an informed decision, but which tyres should you buy?

Budget Tyres in Stockport

The price tag on budget tyres is much lower than premium tyres, so should you choose the cheapest? Everyone drives their vehicles differently, some just locally from A to B and others drive much longer distances. Whilst choosing the cheaper tyre might seem like a straightforward option this might not be an economical solution long term for you.

Budget tyres although they are manufactured to a specific standard and are safe don’t usually perform to the same high standard as premium tyres. The can mean that they need replacing more often which could end up cost more in the long term.

Premium Tyres in Stockport

When you are considering purchasing tyres you will no doubt recognise some of the brands including, Continental, goodyear and Michelin, some of which have been in the tyre industry for over 100 years and are trusted worldwide by millions of customers.

Tyres are manufactured to a very high standard and tested using the latest in revolutionary technologies. When you buy premium you know that you are getting a high quality product that is safe and economical.

All tyre brands manufacturer their products using their own technologies, materials and knowledge, but there are three main differences when it comes to Budget and Premium Tyres. 


Premium tyre brands invest huge sums of money each year into the latest technologies, research and innovations.
High silica compounds are often used to ensure maximum grip and safety and often simulation software is used to test protypes in real conditions. If they don’t reach the standard the process will start from scratch.
Many Premium brands manufacture Run-Flat tyres which allows a vehicle to be driven for up to 50 miles following a puncture. 
  • Bridgestone – Driveguard 
  • Continental - ContiSeal™
  • MICHELIN® Zero Pressure
  • Pirelli – Seal Inside
Budget tyre technology although up to standard falls behind when it comes to the testing and materials used resulting in tyres being less economical and requiring replacement more often. It is suggested that technology is as much as 10-15 years old.


Budget manufacturers tend to make products to a price point, whereas premium manufacturers strive to make the best tyres they can, using their best technology, developed and tested throughout the markets where the tyre is going to be used.
Many people may think they are saving money by buying budget tyres, and maybe they are in the short-term but in some cases any savings made by purchasing a budget tyre can be lost with lower fuel economy over the life of the tyre, or the loss of mileage, and that's before you consider safety.


Premium tyres enhance safety on the road and are equipped with better technology to perform in wet weather. The tread patterns created are optimised to provide maximum grip on the road surface in wet conditions, this helps to reduce braking distances keeping you safe. Typically premium tyres such as the Bridgestone --- receive an A rating for wet grip.
Budget tyres are often given a much lower rating for wet grip of F, at 50mph this could add as much as 18 metres to your braking distance in the wet which could be the difference between life and death.
Still unsure which tyres to choose, our trained technicians here at Tyre Station Stockport Ltd, Stockport can provide help and advice and help you come to an informed decision.

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