What is an MOT?


An MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is an annual inspection required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles that are over three years old. The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure that a vehicle meets certain safety and environmental standards.

During the test, a qualified MOT tester will check a wide range of components and systems on your vehicle. Here is an overview of what is typically checked during an MOT test:

Vehicle Identification: The tester will verify the vehicle's identification, including the vehicle registration number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Lights and Signals: All external lights, including headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights, will be checked for proper functioning and alignment.

Horn: The horn must be in good working order and audible.

Steering and Suspension: The steering and suspension components will be inspected for wear and damage.

Brakes: The condition and performance of the braking system, including the brake pads, discs, and brake lines, will be checked.

Wheels and Tyres: The condition of the tires, including tread depth and tire pressure, will be examined. The wheels will also be inspected for damage.

Seat Belts: The seat belts will be checked for damage and proper functioning.

Windscreen and Mirrors: The windscreen will be inspected for chips, cracks, and other damage that could obstruct the driver's view. The rearview mirror and side mirrors will also be checked.

Wipers and Washers: The wiper blades and washer system will be inspected to ensure they effectively clear the windscreen.

Exhaust Emissions: The emissions from the exhaust system will be measured to ensure they meet environmental standards.

Fuel System: The fuel system components will be checked for leaks and proper functioning.

Body and Structure: The overall condition of the vehicle's body and chassis will be inspected for corrosion, damage, or excessive rust.

Vehicle Interior: The interior of the vehicle will be checked for safety-related issues, including the condition of the driver's seat and dashboard.

Registration Plates: The condition and visibility of the registration plates will be examined.

Vehicle Emission Control: The emissions control systems of the vehicle will be checked for proper operation.

It's important to note that the specific requirements and standards for an MOT test can change over time, and there may be additional checks or modifications to the test depending on the type of vehicle and any updated regulations. Failing an MOT test means that the vehicle does not meet the required standards, and necessary repairs must be made before the vehicle can be legally driven on the road. Passing the MOT test is a legal requirement in the UK for most vehicles, and it helps ensure the safety and environmental compliance of vehicles on the road.

You can book your MOT online with Tyre Station Stockport Ltd by visiting our Book an MOT page or alternatively call us on 0161 442 0202 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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